1. Where do we start when building a new home?
Our sales team can assist you with the complete process of building from sourcing land, finding a suitable DESIGN from our wide selection and arranging finance to help make your dream of owning your own home a reality.  Simply contact us and  request our comprehensive BUILDING OVERVIEW to begin your journey.

2.What if we can’t find a design we like?
Not a problem…..We can assist you in transferring your own ideas onto paper, and then into bricks and mortar. The process is hassle free, and all part of the great service that GERALDTON HOMES is renowned for.

3. What about all the decisions that need to be made, is it as stressful as it sounds?
It  doesn’t have to be! Many of the decisions can be made in our well equipped showroom.  A selection meeting is arranged for you with our experienced staff who walk you through step by step to help create the home you are looking for.

4. What is a six year Structural Guarantee and does it cover general maintenance of the home?   
Once your new home is completed there is a 120 day Defect Liability Period which gives the house a chance to settle. At the end of this period we will repair the agreed items that require attention (for example movement between the cornice and wall or a door lock not working properly).   After this period the home will need to be maintained by the owner in the same way a car requires maintenance, while  any structural defects are covered by the six year Structural Guarantee.

5. Do you build only in double brick?
We can build with whatever product you want! We have worked with many alternative methods and materials over the years and love building projects that are a little bit different from the normal. For example: Rammed Earth, Framed with selected cladding, Insulated Concrete Form, Brick Veneer. whatever you want, we can build it! We are a Geraldton Builder that can build exactly what you want.

6: Do you renovate bathrooms and kitchens?
Absolutely! Come and talk to our experienced sales team and we can help you find out where to start.

7: Can you build commercial work?
Yes, we are happy to tender on commercial projects if documentation is provided and complete.

8: Do you build extensions?
If you love your current location and want to make changes to your existing home, we can help. We are a Geraldton builder that is experienced in alterations and additions.

9: Can you build using alternative materials?
Whatever product you wish to use, we’re able to incorporate it into your new home. We’re experienced in rammed earth, brickwork, stonework, composite products, timber, fibrecement, and more!